Writer's Block: Do Not Open Until 2059
If you were to make a time capsule today to be opened in 50 years, what would you put in it?
Today's methods of birth control:latex condoms,'the pill',and an IUD. OH and a coat hanger...jk

The only thing worth doing is playing guitar,but because of Brandon it's not possible to that without grotesquely wrong sounds.Fuck him.Fuck all kids.

My Day Did A 180
I'm so high right now in this chill way.Well the day started out crappy as shit.Brandon and Eboni came over.Brandon annoyed the hell outta me and fucked up my guitars.The acoustic needs new strings now.Badly.I can now tell a major difference in good and bad string.These are horrendous and I just bought them his banging coupled with the fact that I actually practice more so his banging.And she's not getting me new strings.At least Daddy will.I hate him and all kids.I really do.And then she said she wasn't gonna pay for the dye and bleach for Randee to do my hair because I would let my hair fall out and she didn't agree with it.She let me go all this time believing it was ok and not saying a word.That's exactly what she did last time.And it hurts so bad.And all I have is my allowance and the hair stuff would be all of it and thats all I have for the week.But even so I would get it but her doubt killed my faith.Her opinion means so much to me so now I can't even believe in myself so I'm aborting the mission.So after all this I decided there was one solution.Drugs duhhhh.I took like 2 1/2-3 doses of tussin first then two kola nut extract pills accompanied by 100mg of Ultram.Been high since I took that shit cuz to me it seems like tussin works immediatly but now I'm high as fuck because the Ultram was extended release.Soooo helped my mood.But yesterday all I ate was the volcano roll and today a tiny slice of pizza.And when I strave myself apparently I get bad diarreha which isn't cool so I'm also boardering on dehydration.I think I am.On the brightside though Trever and me are gonna hang out tomorrow and then I'm hanging out with Randee in the evening hopefully I won't die or pass out by then.I real excited cuz I came up with all this guitar riffs to let Trever hear.And I finished the poem I started first Friday.I thought it was finished but when I read it it felt like it was lacking something and I fixed.It sounds so much better.I'm gonna let him read it.Its called Stricken.Anyway I'm tired and high so I'm gonna shower so I can hit the sack.I told him to come over as soon as he can so we can hang as long as possible.Oh yeah and Pooja wasn't annoying on the phone we three-wayed with Trever

Sector 7G
First rave last night.I'm down haha.But I didn't dance, everybody who regularly goes said it was dead and the dj sucked.Live five people dance.So we chilled outside.Haha just being there I felt cool.So much for it being straightedge though.People were high,grinding,and smoking.I'm so going again.

IAM a member of the dark rimmed glasses brigade.
Officially.I'm going to a straightedge rave tomorrow night.Thats something new.To me it kinda defeats the purpose.Headache inducing lights,annoying people,and loud music based on drums and bass is annoying without drugs.Not really thrilled.But hey! What the hell! Give everything a try once.Only cuz Trever is going though.Other than that I had a rather boring day.Haha and again Trever stopped texting me because of a nagging friend.Talk about giving in to peer pressure.My other glasses were defective though.Haha they broke.Pooja didn't call today.I feel forgotten.I mean I hate when she calls but still...I updated my pictures on Iam,Facebook,and now here in a moment.

I felt shitty earlier but I fixed that.With the sting of a sharp new blade.This could mean I'm bipolar.Oh well.I bled soooo much it was nice.First time I had so much blood on me I needed a shower to clean it off.Anyway I fixed a major problem of mine.I got three bracelets.An Ohm,a rainbow shell,and a really interesting white and purple I think.Problem solved!And I can continue with my 'bulimia'.As I like to call it.Only cuz its a purging of some sort in my mind.I got bored earlier so everyone got a new ringtone and I started learning Tears in Heaven.Very beautiful song.And for reference my Order ID is HIP196075.Haha it pastes just like it was.Got my shit off a hippie site.I'm a hippie at heart.

Perfect Bracelet!!!
I found the perfect bracelet to solve my problem.It's two inches wide.Mwahahahahha


Writer's Block: Dog Day Afternoon
The Dog Days of summer, the hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, start today. What's your favorite thing to do in hot weather?

Writer's Block: Listen to This
If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
Tegan and Sara, The 69 Eyes, David Bowie, Junkie XL, Early Red Hot Chili Peppers

I am rocking out to doom metal,gothic metal,heavy metal,and newnownext haha.And I'm bored.I'm babysitting too.I ate alot today,so tomorrow I probably won't.Kola nuts!Tomorrow I also gotta go with Tara to drop the dog off and pick up some bitch that hates mommy.Exciting,but maybe I can finally get a ride to Walmart,I need razors and a bra.I'd rather hang out with Trever but and this is one big butt.He unfortunately has a penis and he may die.Lol inside joke.But anyway I came up with a new riff last night yay!!!I really wanna learn a whole song.Tegan and Sara?Everlast?RHCP pre Frusciante?I'll figure it out.And nothing I want will download Ughhh


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